jeudi 14 juillet 2011

Downton inspired contemporary dress

Since many of my dear readers are from English-speaking countries, I decided that it could be nice to write in Shakespear’s language from time to time. So I hope you will forgive my poor vocabulary and lame gammar, I’m just trying to please my readers here !

The topic of the day : a dress that I made to go to a good friend’s weding in Burgundy. Afew months ago, I would watch Downton Abbey (as I’m sure many of you would) and think about what to wear for this special occasion when my mind got mixed up and rose the idea of a pale grey silk dress with lots of veils and embroderies everywhere (mostly under the veil, on the dress itself, so taht they can only be seen when the wind is helping!).
And now, I let the pictures talk for me (credits  Gabriele Guatteri Creative Commons License) :
here you can imagine the embroderies (I definiltly have to post pictures of that and som picture of the pearls all around the edges of the viel too)
dreadful face!

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